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Divorce involving children is unfortunately more complicated. Whether through collaboration, mediation or litigation, it will be decided who has custody of the child. If only one parent is granted physical custody, the other parent may still be able to remain a part of their child's life by obtaining visitation rights.

Visitation can be decided through a variety of ways including:

  • Ordered by the family law judge in a contested divorce
  • Court-ordered mediation, where custody is decided by the court, but the two parents negotiation their own visitation agreement
  • Negotiation in an uncontested divorce, where both parents agree that one parent should have custody and the other parent spends a certain amount of time visiting the child

Why is visitation important?

Children can suffer a great deal of emotional damage when their parents get a divorce. The matter can only become worse if one parent is not allowed to see their child again. Both the mother and the father play important roles in the growth and development of their child. If you are looking to get a divorce or have already done so, and you need to fight for visitation rights, hire a Orange County divorce attorney from our firm right away.

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At Diefer Law Group, PC, we understand how important it is to you, as well as to your child, that you obtain visitation rights. Family law court makes these decisions based on the child's best interests, which is why we personalize your case to prove to the court that your child would benefit best if you had visitation rights. Our aggressive legal team has the experience your case needs and can answer any questions you may have through a free case evaluation. We also offer representation throughout Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas.

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