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Most of the time when we think of divorce, we envision a heated court case where neither party seems to agree on anything. This is not always the case, however, since many divorces are actually obtained amicably between two compliant spouses. Uncontested divorces can be handled in one of two ways: collaboration or mediation.

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Collaborative Law vs. Divorce Mediation

Collaborative divorces allow the two involved parties (each with their own legal counsel) to negotiate their own terms. There is no litigation and therefore no representation. The divorce process only involves two attorneys who provide counsel for their client and guide them through the process of drafting a divorce agreement.

The terms of divorce may include the following matters:

Divorce mediation also takes place without litigation, except there is only one attorney involved - a specially certified divorce mediator. This neutral mediator does not provide counsel or show preference to either party, but only serves to guide the two spouses through the legal steps involved in drafting their divorce agreement.

Mediation can also be court-ordered by a family law judge in the midst of divorce litigation if he or she thinks the spouses can come to their own agreement on a particular matter. The process can also be used to negotiate the entire divorce agreement. After a divorce agreement has been created through either collaboration or mediation, the spouses will present the agreement to a family law judge, who will enter their judgment and finalize their divorce.

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