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Maintain Your Standard of Living After Divorce

Spousal support is financial assistance that one spouse who earns more, known as the "payor," is required to provide to the other spouse, the "payee. This form of support takes places after a divorce so that they payee is able to maintain or afford a similar lifestyle to the one they had when the two parties were still married. Otherwise, the lower-income spouse may be unable to support themselves after their marriage is dissolved.. The key to obtaining fair spousal support, or to fighting an unfair support order, is to retain a Orange County divorce lawyer with the experience to handle your case.

Spousal support can allow a payee to:

  • Find decent employment
  • Finish school
  • Begin a new career
  • Be able to pay bills

Calculating Spousal Support in California

California uses Santa Clara's spousal support guidelines to calculate how much support a payor provides to a payee. The net monthly income of each party is calculated. Then, half of the payee's net monthly income is deducted from 40% of the payor's net monthly income. The resultant number is the amount of support that must be paid to the lower-income spouse. In general, spousal support is paid for half the length of time that the two parties were married. If they were married for 10 years or more, spousal support or "alimony" may be required for as long as it is needed, or for as long as the payor is able to pay.

Why You Need a Spousal Support Attorney

Even with such a seemingly foolproof way of calculating spousal support, it is important that you retain a divorce lawyer with experience in order to ensure that you are treated fairly in a support order. The court must be sure to properly calculate your income and the income of your spouse in order to ensure that the correct amount of support is ordered. Otherwise, you could receive less than you need or be required to pay more than necessary.

Diefer Law Group, PC has more than a decade of legal experience and focuses on the individual needs of each and every client. We study your case in detail in order to gather the evidence and documentation to properly calculate your income, as well as your spouse's income. Your attorney can fight aggressively in court to make sure that you receive or pay the amount of spousal support that is fair according to the California Family Code. Learn more by speaking with a family law attorney from our firm today!

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