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Orange County Ethics Investigation Lawyer

Understanding Your Rights During Ethics Investigations

Employers, management personnel and others in positions of power within a business or corporate entity are required by law to engage in business in a fair, equitable and unbiased manner. There are various state and federal laws in place to ensure fair business ethics.

The business ethics laws serve the following primary purposes:

  • To protect the rights of employees
  • Ensure employees receive fair treatment in the workplace
  • They hold employers accountable
  • Employers are liable for violations

Ethics investigations can result from a number of various situations. When employees file whistleblower claims or voice complaints about discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environments and other unethical conditions in the workplace, investigations into the facts at hand are almost always conducted. Depending on your situation and the circumstances involved, various state or federal laws may provide you with protection during this time. Employees who choose to participate in investigations, including both administrative and criminal investigations, are also protected against employer retaliation.

We can inform you about your rights!

When guiding our clients through ethics investigations, we make sure that you are fully educated about the specific situation and your applicable rights. Should complications or disputes arise, we are also equipped with the experience and willingness to fight on behalf of our clients. Our attorneys are able to draw from former careers as employment defense attorneys and utilize their invaluable insight to better anticipate employers actions and ultimately protect your rights.

How Investigations Usually Work

One of the first steps we take is to talk to your company's management to get an idea of the company's history. We then focus our attention on the proper department to confirm your allegations and build your case. Our team can interview all parties involved discretely and collect as much helpful details as we can.

Our team can assist you with the following situations:

  • If you were harassed, we can interview the alleged perpetrator.
  • If you were wrongfully fired, we can examine how other people were treated in the same situation.
  • If we are looking into why you were passed over for a promotion, we look into who else applied to the position, who was chosen and why they stacked up better than you.

After you have been mistreated by a fellow employee or employer, you deserve a hard-hitting advocate who can find out the truth and hold any guilty parties liable. By you speaking up, you are protecting other employees from being mistreated. You could be entitled to compensation for back pay, front pay, emotional distress, punitive damages and attorney's fees.

Allow an Experienced OC Employment Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

If you find yourself in the center of an ethics investigation as a voluntary participant in the investigation or an employee who has been unlawfully retaliated against for participating in an investigation, then allow an Orange County employment attorney to walk you through this process step by step. We staff two employment lawyers on every case and always personally attend to our clients. You can be confident that our proven legal advocates can always be by your side to ensure that your rights and confidentiality are protected.

Contact an OC employment attorney from Diefer Law Group, PC to learn more about what our firm can do for you.

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