3 California jobs that rank high for danger
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3 California jobs that rank high for danger

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Workers compensation

You may be one of many people in California who have been waking up and going to the same workplace every day for the past 10 or 20 years. Then again, perhaps, you’ve changed jobs from time to time throughout the years. Either way, there are certain jobs in California and beyond that may place you at great risk for injury. 

If you’re currently working in one of these industries, it’s important to know what to do if you’re involved in a workplace accident, especially if it results in injury. Not all injuries are immediately apparent, so it’s also important to closely monitor your condition during recovery and to report any developing symptoms to a licensed physician.  

Data shows that logging is one of the most dangerous jobs in America 

If you work for a company that harvests trees to turn into wood for construction projects and consumer needs, your job ranks highest on most lists for personal injury risks. In fact, the fatality rate in this industry is approximately 28% higher than it is for the overall workforce death rate.  

When you work as a logger, your employer is obligated to provide proper training, as well as any and all available equipment to reduce your risk for on-the-job injuries. Many employers incur fines or other penalties when they fail in their duty to uphold training and safety regulations. 

Fishing is also a dangerous industry for workers 

Perhaps you grew up in California and have always loved spending time on the water. You may have been happy to land a good job in the fishing industry. Boating incidents, such as collisions or workers falling overboard, occur at a high rate in this type of work.  

You no doubt work with nets, traps and other equipment that can cause injury on the job, as well, especially if your employer has not provided proper training.  

Driving a truck places you in constant danger 

If your job requires you to get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle to drive on California roadways on a daily basis, you are often at risk for injury. Even if you stay alert and adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations, you can’t control the behavior of other drivers with whom you share the road.  

In a split second, a distracted, intoxicated or reckless driver may cause a collision that results in severe, perhaps life-threatening, injuries. In such circumstances, you might have to take a lot of time off from work during recovery. In fact, a severe injury can result in permanent disability that makes it impossible for you to return to work at all.  

Navigating the workers’ compensation system can be daunting 

If you suffer a workplace injury in any of the jobs mentioned earlier or some other industry, it’s important to inform your employer right away. Most California employers are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance provides benefits to help cover medical expenses and replace lost wages if you suffer an injury on the job.  

It’s not uncommon for an employer or insurance agency to deny a worker’s injury claim. This can make recovery all the more stressful. It’s also why many workers seek legal support before navigating the workers’ compensation system, to have a personal advocate on hand if problems arise.