Pinch points in factories can do a whole lot more than pinching
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Pinch points in factories can do a whole lot more than pinching

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Workers compensation

Factory workers in Irvine and across California could suffer catastrophic injuries in the blink of an eye. Without the necessary guards and other safety precautions, workers’ body parts could be caught between objects, or they could somehow become entangled in moving machine parts. Although some incidents cause nothing more than lacerations or bruises, crushed or caught workers could lose body parts or be mangled or scalped, not to mention the risk of dying.

Precautions before tackling a job

Workers can take preventative steps before proceeding with the tasks at hand. A crucial starting point to avoid being caught by machinery is wearing appropriate clothes that cover legs and arms. However, clothes must not be loose or too long because moving machine parts could catch them and pull them in. The same applies to dangling jewelry and long, loose hair. Failure to tie hair in ponytails or braids and tucking them away have been known to cause scalping if pulled into a piece of operating equipment.

The best way to prevent the dangers posed by pinch points is to plan ahead to get the job done safely and be aware of all the potential pinch-point hazards. Attention and focus are essential during the execution of tasks on machines with pinch points. Safety authorities report that multitasking, daydreaming, horseplay and distractions play roles in most reported caught or crush injuries.

No-fault workers’ compensation

Factory workers in California might find comfort in knowing that the state’s workers’ compensation system is a no-fault program. That means they will typically be covered regardless of who caused the accident that led to work-related injuries. However, there are exceptions, one of which is horseplay. Employers who can show that workers’ injuries happened during horseplay could contest any benefits claims filed.