Workplace hazards for parcel delivery drivers
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Workplace hazards for parcel delivery drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Workers compensation

More and more people shop online and have the goods delivered. Parcel delivery drivers in California face a variety of work-related safety hazards. Along with the ever-present road accident risks, they encounter slippery surfaces, bad weather and even the risk of animal bites while going about their daily duties. Climbing in and out of the vehicle on long drives and the physical effort to load and unload parcels pose musculoskeletal hazards.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health holds employers responsible for employee safety. Adequate training in all aspects of delivery safety is crucial, and it starts with proper route planning, safe driving and potential physical injury risks.

Loading and unloading

Delivery drivers have to physically handle packages of various weights and sizes, and sometimes, parcel shapes are awkward. Furthermore, handling packages in cramped spaces is also risky. Proper safety training to mitigate these hazards is crucial. Learning safe lifting techniques is important, and doing a few stretches after sitting in the driver’s seat for a while can prevent muscle strains and sprains.

Ergonomic solutions

Ergonomics involve measures to adjust the work environment to suit the driver. In the fast-paced environment in which we live, parcel delivery drivers are typically pushed to deliver more parcels over a greater area and in a shorter time. The truck’s cab is where parcel delivery drivers spend most of their time and making ergonomic changes could prevent injuries. For example, seats and steering wheels could be adjusted to fit the driver’s unique needs.

The state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance program typically covers California workers in all industries. Reporting injuries to the employer as soon as possible is crucial because of the time limits to file benefits claims. A successful claim will cover medical expenses and lost wages