Lawsuit alleging sexual harassment settled
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Lawsuit alleging sexual harassment settled

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

The vast majority of people in California work hard every day to fulfill their job requirements. Often, this requires workers to complete physically or mentally demanding tasks. Regardless of the specific job requirements, workers who experience sexual harassment are often unable to be successful in the workplace and could potentially face financial, physical and mental harm. Fortunately, these victims do have the ability to seek legal recourse.

In fact, a lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claimed that Vinca Enterprises, which runs The DoubleTree Hotel, violated the law. The case involves allegations made against a male room inspector. According to the EEOC, he sexually harassed a female housekeeper.

Reports indicate that even though both management and the owner of the hotel was aware of sexual comments made by the inspector to the housekeeper and unwanted physical contact, Vinca did not take action to stop the behavior or investigate it. The case was recently settled, and as part of the settlement, the hotel will pay $45,000. Additionally, the company must take action to prevent harassment and discrimination in the future, hire a consultant to assess sexual harassment factors in the workplace and report the findings to the EEOC and create policies and procedures that will stop such treatment, among other requirements.

A representative for the EEOC claims that those who work in housekeeping at hotels are vulnerable to harassment even though their employers are responsible for preventing such treatment. Often victims of sexual discrimination believe that they have few options. However, an attorney with experience with employment law can help victims in California take action, potentially resulting in compensatory damages in addition to changes that could protect other employees.