Former Pinterest COO claims discrimination, wrongful termination
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Former Pinterest COO claims discrimination, wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

Over the last several years, there seems to have been a significant increase in interest regarding do-it-yourself projects. As such, many people have turned to Pinterest for inspiration and directions on how to be more self-sufficient. Despite the fact that a large majority of users of the site are women, a recently filed lawsuit alleges that there is an atmosphere of hostility and female exclusion in the board room.

The lawsuit was filed by the company’s former COO. When she was hired in March 2018, she was the company’s highest-ranking female. However, she claims that other executives in the company instilled gender stereotypes in the workplace and expected her to be compliant. She claims that failure to comply with these expectations resulted in her exclusion from decisions and meetings.

She also claims that another executive officer in the company treated her in ways that she described as demeaning and sexist. She says that her complaints about the issues ultimately resulted in her being terminated in April 2020 via a video call instead of prompting an investigation and corrective action. In addition to this treatment, she also claims that though she assumed that executives were similarly compensated, she was actually paid less than male executives at the company.

A Pinterest spokesperson claims that there is an ongoing independent review happening and further states that the company is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. Unfortunately, many women in California and across the country undergo unlawful treatment in which they are treated differently simply because of their gender. While taking legal action following such treatment may seem daunting, doing so can help ensure that such behavior is addressed, potentially preventing it from occurring in the future.