Emotional damages in employment law cases in California
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Emotional damages in employment law cases in California

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Many people in California and across the country view their occupation as more than a job — they see it as a career in which they plan for future advancements and professional improvement. With these goals in mind, they invest their time and energy into performing to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, the fulfillment of these goals is often prevented because of violations of employment law by their employers or higher-ranking supervisors.

In some cases, victims of employment discrimination decide that it is appropriate to seek justice by filing a lawsuit against those believed to be responsible for the unlawful behavior in an effort to recover financial losses. The most obvious of these losses is often related to lost wages if the worker loses his or her job as a result of the treatment. However, some cases also involve the pursuit of recompense for emotional distress.

While emotional distress is most often included in cases involving hostile work environments or sexual harassment, damages can also be sought in other types of cases such as those involving retaliation or the denial of a promotion. Emotional distress can come in many forms, including a psychiatric condition such as an anxiety disorder or depression, harm to the person’s reputation, and sleeplessness, among others. Support for these claims can be provided through personal testimony as well as the testimony of friends and family. It is not necessary to have a professional’s testimony; however, doing so can be beneficial, especially in cases when higher damages are being sought.

There are few things more devastating than the feeling that a person, who is hardworking and dedicated to success in the workplace, is treated a certain way simply because of his or her race, age or religion, among other protected classes. Often, violations of employment law lead to monetary losses as well as emotional distress. Victims of such treatment can consult with an experienced professional who can help them decide how to proceed with their claims.