Many employees are unaware that the slightest incident suffered in the workplace that causes even the smallest injury is enough to hold the employer accountable for damages. Sometimes, employees do not know what are the most common types of injuries that can be suffered in the workplace, nor what can be done to remedy the damages suffered.

By the numbers

Workplace injuries are incredibly common. The greatest issue is that these injuries and what caused them are so repetitive in our work environment that employees are unaware that they can start a damages claim. The National Safety Council has stated that accidents in the workplace happen every 7 seconds and that the jobs with the largest number of workplace accidents are mostly suffered by people who work in the police force or firefighters, transportation, manufacturing, repairs and maintenance, and construction. They have also mentioned that the days lost due to an unproductive day equals to 104,000,000.

Common injuries

There are several kinds of injuries that can be suffered on the job, depending on the nature of the work, but the most common ones always have to do with either slipping, falling or tripping. Usually, a person who suffered this kind of ailment wily experience pain in their extremities, head, neck, or back and can suffer muscle injuries or even broken bones. Other types of injuries are the ones suffered in machinery, typically where workers work in factories and lack the proper experience and equipment. Transportation is also a very common type of activity that leads to accidents. This applies mostly to drivers who drive large trucks and are involved in motor vehicle accidents. Fires and explosions are also very common and very dangerous, and usually happen to people exposed to certain chemicals or flammable objects. Lastly, overexertion and stress are very common type of injuries and usually affect a person’s back or extremities. This occurs by carrying, lifting or handling heavy objects in a consistent basis.

These accidents happen all the time and can lead to lasting effects on the employee. It is important to know that employers can be held accountable damages suffered in the workplace.