Getting compensation down on the farm when you’re laid up in bed
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Getting compensation down on the farm when you’re laid up in bed

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2019 | In The News, Our Community, Uncategorized, Workers compensation

You work long, hard days on the farm to earn your pay. It can be a rewarding calling, but it can also be dangerous. When an accident interrupts your weekly check, you may be able to get help paying for your recovery so you can get back to work.

There are seemingly endless ways accidents can happen in agriculture. If you find yourself injured and unable to work, you may be in line for workers’ compensation to get the medical treatment you need to get back on your feet.

Growing concerns

There are many ways that an injury could line you up for workers’ compensation:

  • Vehicles: Vehicle accidents cause nearly half of all injuries on farms. Tractors remain one of the most dangerous aspects of the farm, but it’s hard to find an agricultural business that manages without one. Rollovers, power take-off (PTO) shafts and improper hitching could all prove perilous on the job.
  • Heat: The heat in southern California is nothing to take lightly. With highs that can reach well into the triple digits, these sweltering temps can quickly lead to heat exhaustion, at the very least. Working in the hot summer sun can quickly lead to hazardous conditions.
  • Tools: The same tools that can be vital to getting the job done can also be incredibly dangerous. Working augers, lifts and chainsaws can make your life a lot easier, but also amplify the day-to-day danger.

Knowing what falls under the umbrella of workers’ compensation can lead you in the right direction when you’re searching for answers. Make sure you know what your job’s insurance covers, and you could get the medical help you need to get back to work.