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Facing Divorce? Five Things Your Kids Should Know

Divorce is never easy – especially if you have kids. Every divorce is different, just like every family, but one thing is always true: your kids still need your support. One of the most important things that you can tell your kids during a divorce is, "It's not your fault." Depending on their ages, your kids might not understand the reasons behind your divorce and blame themselves. Make sure they understand that the divorce is between you and your spouse.

Secondly, your children need to know that you still love them. This may seem simple or obvious, but children may have a hard time understanding the fact that divorce is a relational issue between mom and dad. Things will change, like living arrangements, but the fact that you and your former spouse still love your children will not. Make sure that your kids understand this.

After a separation, your children might feel like they have to "fix" your marriage. This will only lead to disappointment. Let them know that they are not responsible for your divorce and they are not responsible to repair it. Similarly, it is important to let your kids know - even though your marriage failed - marriage is not always bad. It can be a reflection of a healthy relationship between two people who love each other.

Finally, make sure your children know that divorce is not the end – life will go on. Divorce is hard, but you and your kids will survive. Help them see it as a learning opportunity instead of a failure. Few people enjoy change, but sometimes it is unavoidable. In the end, your children can learn to view divorce as a growing experience.

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