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Affordable Divorce Attorneys in Riverside

At Diefer Law Group, PC, our Riverside divorce attorneys are committed to providing local residents throughout Riverside County and the surrounding communities of Southern California with exceptional legal services that are both effective and affordable. As a firm that is concerned about the overall well-beings of our clients, we strive to address all issues of their legal journeys, including their financial concerns.

At times of substantial personal change, individuals filing for divorce will have enough concerns and fears about their future to worry about. Our legal team strongly believes that all of our clients are entitled to affordable, aggressive services and that financial concerns should not be an overwhelming threat to their well-beings. How much a divorce costs will depend on various factors, and we strive to address all factors that affect divorce costs by making sure we provide the following:

  • Personal, attentive representation
  • Open and honest communication
  • A clear understanding of our clients' current, unique situations
  • A clear understanding of our clients' goals and wishes

By focusing on these factors, we can work toward devising solutions and strategies for favorable resolutions. Our goals will always be to ensure that our clients' best interests are met and that we can achieve this as favorably and as quickly as possible. Should challenges exist and should difficulties arise, our experience and determination ensures that they will be addressed immediately.

We complement our focus on cost-efficiency with genuine compassion and personal attention – two notable aspects of our practice that allow our Riverside divorce lawyers to fully understand our clients' unique objectives. Most family law attorneys handle cases by the hour, and are unmotivated to resolve cases quickly because more time equals more fees. At Diefer Law Group, PC we understand that these are poignant experiences in our clients lives, and make it our mission to guide them through legal and personal journeys swiftly and successfully.

While we believe that our rates and fees are extremely affordable, we also want out clients to understand the value of what is being delivered: passionate, experienced, and genuine representation. These attributes and a focus on affordability truly define the Diefer difference.

As part of our commitment to affordable services, we also provide free case evaluations. If you would like to discuss your case and learn more about our fees and services, do not hesitate to complete a consultation form or call (951) 330-4650 today. Our office is located at:

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