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Temporary and Permanent Spousal Support in Riverside

In some divorce cases, a court may order one spouse or partner to provide financial assistance to the other. Known as spousal support – or alimony – this financial assistance is delivered in the form of monthly payments. As with any family law matter, spousal support is a complex legal and personal issue. Knowing this, our Riverside divorce attorneys at Diefer Law Group, PC make it a point to help clients with the following:

  • Understanding how spousal support works
  • Understanding the terms of spousal support
  • Calculating the costs
  • Assisting clients with court documents
  • Guiding them through each stage of the process

Spousal support proceedings can be begin upon divorce, legal separation, or annulment, or after a domestic violence restraining order has been issued. Although unique situations may dictate how spousal support will be handled and calculated, there are generally two different types of spousal support:

Temporary Spousal Support
Temporary spousal support can be ordered by a court and paid by one spouse while a divorce case is still pending. Rules for calculating temporary spousal or partner support may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In Riverside, local courts use a guideline formula to consider a number of factors and how temporary support, if any, should be ordered.

Permanent Spousal Support
Permanent spousal or partner support orders are issued at the end of a divorce case and are not calculated using a formula. Instead, these orders are calculated using a number of factors listed in the California Family Code, such as the length of a marriage, each spouse's income, and others. Permanent orders can be more subjective to the court.

Understanding spousal support and how it relates to your particular situation is of the utmost importance to protecting your future well-being. By working with an experienced and attentive Riverside divorce lawyer from our firm, you can receive the personalized assistance you need to clearly understand your case. You can also view our attorney providing information on temporary and permanent spousal support in our video center.

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