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You Don't Have to Put Up with a Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment could be a sign of harassment, retaliation or discrimination. But what constitutes "hostility" at the workplace and how can you be sure that it's a byproduct of discrimination? The Orange County employment lawyers at Diefer Law Group, P.C. can evaluate your situation to determine if you might have an employment law claim. When listening to your case, we will attempt to determine the following:

  1. Are you the subject of verbal discrimination? This could include remarks about your sex, race, religion or other legally protected attributes.
  2. Do you face verbal discrimination (either directly to you or gossip) on a consistent basis or were the comments a one-time occurrence?
  3. Is the conduct in question making it difficult for you to perform your job duties effectively?
  4. Is the conduct in question changing other people's attitudes toward you? For example, it may have started as one comment, but now multiple co-workers are starting to treat you differently based on those remarks.
  5. Have you experienced any physical hostility from a co-worker, supervisor or your employer? Any hostility involving destruction of your property?
  6. Has the conduct in question translated into you being demoted, taking a pay-cut or your job duties changing to less favorable work?
  7. Did the hostility begin after you made a comment or formal complaint about a condition at your workplace, your pay or concerns over potential violations of California labor laws?

Workplace discrimination can manifest itself in a variety of different ways, one of which is a hostile work environment. If you or someone you love is experiencing this, you do not have to put up with it. California labor laws protect you against discrimination and other unfair practices. Call an Orange County employment and labor attorney at our firm today to discuss your case in a free initial consultation.