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How a Paternity Lawyer Can Help You

One aspect of family law that our firm handles is paternity. As paternity lawyers, we help men with a wide range of paternity related issues, from establishing paternity to reversing a declaration of paternity. Our goal is to help you get paternity straightened out so that an accurate parenting relationship can be established.

Paternity affects many things, such as custody, visitation rights and support payments. Listed below are the four major ways a paternity lawyer can help you.

  1. Paternity testing: In order to establish that you are or are not the father of a child, you will likely have to submit to a paternity test. DNA paternity tests can be taken at a hospital or at a clinic that specializes in these types of tests. You will have to submit the outcome of this test as evidence to the court to confirm or deny paternity.
  2. Child custody & Visitation rights: If you are not the assumed father of a child, establishing paternity with a DNA test can help you get the child custody or visitation agreement that you deserve. Conversely, if you are currently in custody of a child you believe you are not the father of, then establishing paternity can transfer custody privileges to the rightful parent(s).
  3. Child support: One of the biggest areas of contention regarding paternity is who is obligated to pay child support. If the mother and father of a child are not together, then the assumed father may be required to pay child support. Our attorneys can ensure that you only pay child support if you are the rightful father, and if so, that support is calculated justly and fairly.
  4. Declaration of paternity: The declaration of paternity document is for unmarried parents of a child as a way to establish legal paternity. In the state of California, a man's name will not show up on a child's birth certificate if he is not married to the mother UNLESS he signs a declaration of paternity. Our firm can help with establishing or reversing this document.

An individual who is married to or in a relationship with a woman at the time she becomes pregnant is assumed to be the father of the child. If the assumed father believes that he is not the actual father, then the burden of proof is on him to provide DNA evidence otherwise.

At Diefer Law Group, P.C., our Riverside paternity lawyers can help you with any of the aforementioned issues, whether you are the assumed father, actual father or need to establish paternity for custody/visitation or child support purposes. To learn more, contact a Riverside family law attorney at our firm today for a free initial consultation.