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What You Need to Know About the California Child Support Guideline Calculator

When it comes to family law issues involving children, parents should take no chances when dealing with a complex legal system. At Diefer Law Group, PC, our Riverside divorce lawyers make it a priority to ensure that our clients fully understand their rights, California laws, and the ways in which we can help resolve their matters with their future in mind. In the case of divorce and children, our legal team works tirelessly to help clients understand the complexities of child custody and child support.

As many parents are concerned about the financial impact a divorce and other related proceedings will have, we strive to help them anticipate all possibilities that may result. With child support issues, we use years of experience and available resources to estimate the amount of child support that may be ordered in a case.

Although resources such as the California Child Support Calculator are available to individuals and families, all those involved in these legal matters should understand that results will vary from case to case. Child support proceedings are unique and will always yield different results. Additionally, courts and family law Judges have the ultimate authority in making a final determination regarding the amount of a child support order.

Calculators can be valuable tools for providing a general estimate of what you can expect when child support is awarded. As noted by the California Department of Child Support Services, however, they are no substitute for personal assistance provided by a qualified attorney.

If you would like more information about child support, or if you wish to discuss your case personally with a Riverside child support attorney, please contact Diefer Law Group, PC at (951)770-9609 or fill out a form to request a free case evaluation.